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Online Making Money

Online Making Money money

Wouldn’t it be great if online making money was as easy as using an ATM machine? At Pro Travel Plus, they do their best to make it nearly as simple as that! As I have said in other posts, if you put the effort in, you will be rewarded very quickly. In other words, if you can get people signed up and then convert them to paying customers, you will earn after a week. One of my fellow team members (in this team) made over $2500 in his first week! Thatwas because he recruited other people.

Again, as I have said before, there is no need to recruit if you don’t want to but it will take a lot more time to earn money. The thing is, that you don’t need any special skills to recruit people or convert them to paying members. The system does most of the work for you. As soon as someone puts their name and email address in to your ‘Splash Page’, the system goes to work and sends them automated emails to encourage them to join up.

The only thing you have to do is to get traffic which some people see as being very difficult, it’s not. When you join up through me (through this site) or from one of the members in my team, I will send you a free guide on how to get traffic.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to get started online making money, here are two companies I use to get guaranteed sign-ups. Just make sure that you get them from the US. I’ve tried getting Worldwide sign-ups and they don’t really speak English so it’s difficult to tell them that they can use the Translate feature on the site.

Online Making Money – Guaranteed Sign-ups

Here are the 2 companies I use myself:

Get Unlimited Quality Website Visitors

MSS – Guaranteed sign ups and visitors

Online Making Money – Solo Ads

One way of online making money is to send out Solo Ads. I have arranged a 65% discount with a company that specialises in Solo Ads. Solo ads are a freat way for online making money as it is a way to send out (in this case 1000 emails to people who have signed up to receive emails about online making money.

Hit This Link To Send Out 1000 Solo ad emails for $7

Highly Recommended – Paid Traffic Exchanges

There are two main Traffic Exchanges I use. These are where you actually get paid to advertise your page (in this case, your PTP Landing Page). If you sign up to them here, I will send you my training free of charge (normally $14.95. Sign up for them here:

Traffic Monsoon

My Advertising Pays

If you have never done these before, then I suggest you start off with Traffic Monsoon. If however, you have tried Traffic Monsoon, then I would suggest moving on to MAPs (My Advertising Pays) as this is more complicated but both get very good results (and you earn even MORE money).

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ProTravelPlus Member Benefits

ProTravelPlus Member Benefits protravelplus member benefits

The ProTravelPlus Member Benefits are Plentiful

Let’s start with the financial ProTravelPlus Member Benefits. As a paid member you will, after a time, no longer have to pay for your membership because you will be earning money. In fact you will earn more than your membership costs, you will be earning a lot, lot more. There are 5 ways to earn and 2 of the most exciting ones require NO WORK on your part. They are truly PASSIVE INCOMES. These earnings are truly realistic and not just pie in the sky nonsence.

  • Depending on your membership level $2000, $8500 and $25000 can be earned.
  • That is without recruiting ANYONE or doing any work.
  • If you DO want to recruit, getting 12 people in would pay for 1 years membership.
  • You would then earn 50% of their earnings as well.
  • You Get a $500 rewards voucher just for joining (paid membership).
  • There are many other ways to EARN!
  • This will become a lot clearer in the Video.

Discounts for ProTravelPlus Member Benefits

Now lets Look at the Travel aspects of the ProTravelPlus Member Benefits. Once again, these are plentiful and they don’t just stop at travel.

  • Seth, the CEO has promissed that ProTravelPlus will be the cheapest travel site on the web.
  • Unlike the other travel dicount clubs, FLIGHTS are discounted too!
  • Also, unlike the alternatives (which are far more expensive by the way), PTP will be offering heavily discounted condo / villa rental
  • You can use your $500 ProTravelPlus Member Benefits Rewards for discounts on:
  • Hotels, Condos and Villa Rental.
  • Cruises, Destinations and Attractions.
  • Car Rental and dining.
  • Shopping and Gift Vouchers.
  • And it won’t stop there.

We will always under promise and over deliver” Seth Frazer.

So What Are You Waiting For? Pre-Enroll NOW (Free)