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Please feel free to Contact Me at any time vie email: danieldknights(@)

Copy and paste the email address and remove the comas. This is just to stop auto email harvesting. You can also contact me by Skype at danieldarrochknights Please mention ProTravelPlus or PTP in the request otherwise I will not reply. Again, this is to stop Spammers. Also, I would be happy to call you if you send me an email so I can tell you all about ProTravelPlus and how it could benefit you.

By the way, that photo of me is me on my friend’s bike. He owns Siem Reap Dirt Bikes and I can always get you a great deal if you fancy a Cambodian Dirt Bike Adventure Tour talor made for you. From half a day onwards. It is such a great way to see Cambodia. You can get off the tourist trail and see the real side of Cambodian life or the real hidden jungle temples. Don’t try to do this yourself without a guide as there are more than 8 million UXOs (Unexploded Ordnance) and sadly, many are still around the hidden temples, mostly landmines.


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