How To Earn

How To Earn how to earn

There are 5 ways how to earn with ProTravelPlus and 2 of them involve NO RECRUITING whatsoever. However, it’s fair to say that if you do recruit you will certainly earm more money and you will earn it quicker. You may have never recruited before so do not know how to go about this, but I am here to help you to recruit should you wish to learn. Over the coming days I will prepare a PDF that I will send out to all my pre-enrollees and that will explain what to do and help you on your way to recruiting people.

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If you treat this opportunity as a business, you are bound to make money quickly. Start by thinking of your frirnds and family. Who eould benefit from the travel discounts and rewards and wuo would like to make money? Approach them and ask them if they are interested in the opportunity. After all, you have signed up, so why not spread the word and the wealth. You can email them the PDF that I will send out to my team members explaining how they can get the membership paid for using my method. (It certainly does work).

If you can not think of any friends or family that would benefit from the exrtra money and the travel savings (as well as the $500 Travel Rewards), then move on to Facebook. A well placed post in a relevant group or just on your timeline could bring in members. Don’t just post your link, get their interest and open up a dialogue about it. If done right, they will be asking YOU how they can join rather than you asking THEM to join! I’ve included a post that I put on Facebook. I’m sorry the earnings are painted out but it is part of the conditions of ProTravelPlus that we do not publish our earnings, don’t know why, but they are the rules: how to earn big money

Next, you can post on classified websites, there will be a list of them sent out to you when you sign up. There are thousands and thousands of classified websites out there. You can enroll for free in the internet marketing course I have teamed up with that will guide you through the many ways to market and how to earn online.

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Don’t forget, you can advertise offline too, that is, in the real world. Print up some flyers, post some notices up in local places. You remember, the way things used to be done.

As I was saying, if you treat this as a business, it will become your business and you can become a full time ProTravelPlus internet marketer.

If You Haven’t Pre-Enrolled For Pro-Travel-Plus, What Are You Waiting For?

Pre-Enroll as quick as you can and I will send out the PDF as soon as it is ready. Don’t Delay, Join Today and learn how to earn!

Have a look at the World and Plan your next Trip or Google a place that interests you.

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