ProTravelPlus Compensation Plan

ProTravelPlus Compensation Plan

Please note: ProTravelPlus is still in Pre-Launch so I will relay the information as I understand it. The way I describe it is how I understand it at this time but things may change over the coming week or two. But there’s one thing I am pretty sure on, if it does change, it will be for the better.

ProTravelPlus compensation-plan

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The beauty of the sunset at Koh Chang, Thailand can be enjoyed by you when you become a member of ProTravelPlus.

As you will know, there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme, however you could be earning within a week if you join up and upgrade to a paid member and recruit people. But as I’ve mad it clear, there is no need to recruit if you don’t want to. The monthly cheques are paid out on the 1st of the month after one month of paid membership.

The FIVE Compensation Plan Ways (5 Ways to EARN).

1 – Powerline Bonus:

The moment you submit your details through the secure sign up link, PTP will have time stamped you in the highest position available in the fastest growing Powerline in the industry to give you the best start in building your business….and your earnings.

In fact as others are time stamped below you in our team, YOU WILL GET PAID on a full FIVE LEVELS from the members in YOUR downline, no matter of who enrolled them. Therefore, as soon as someone in your powerline becomes a member, YOU EARN A COMMISSION. compensation-plan

2 – Fast Start Bonus

Should you decide to recruit people, you will be paid a one off bonus payment. If you have never recruited before, I will help you with the proceedure. Infact, I’m also going to teach you a way to pay for your membership. So even without recruiting, your membership fees will be paid (infact, you can earn a lot more money than just your membership fees). You will have to sign up as a member to receive this info. I will be working on this over the coming days, so be patient. compensation plan

As you can see, you can earn up to $30 per personal referral as well as $5 fom your recruits’ recruits and on.

Now, there are two ways to become a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star and that is to pay for a years membership up front (with NO monthly membership fees) or likewise, 2 star by paying for 6 months in advance. The other way is to work your way up the system by recruiting people 20 people to become 2 star and 100 to achieve 3 star. You will still have to pay your monthly membership or you can choose to pay to upgrade as long as it’s within the first 60 days.

3 – The Matrix

This is one of the most exciting features of the compensation plan as you can earn from the matrix even if you don’t recruit. This is because the Matrix is a 2 X 10, 12 or 14 forced matrix. Meaning anyone who joins can only ever have 2 people under them and those 2 people under them can only have 2 people and on an on. Even the highest enrollers can only have 2 people under them. Anyone else they recruit, spillover to go under those 2 people. So, if you are a under a person like myself who will be recruiting heavily, as well as the fact that I am under some heavy hitters for recruiting, the spillover will be MASSIVE. Here is a visual demonsration of the matrix: compensation plan matrix

Now you can see how lucrative this will be. This is just one part of the compensation plan and if you choose to recruit the earnings will be a whole lot bigger!

Don’t Delay – Sign Up Now For FREE You will receive the benefits of the compensation plan as soon as you upgrade to paid membership.

4 – Matching Bonuses

The ProTravelPlus compensation plan is created for 2 reasons, First to benefit people by earning monthly income quicker and easier in the BIGGEST industry on the internet. Secondly, for it to be very exciting for people to share this opportunity with others. Bearing that in mind, the matching bonuses are a large part of what makes this the most powerful compensation plan in the industry.

As well as the massive commissions you can earn in the matrix, you’ll also have the ability to bonus-match a percentage of all of the matrix commissions on everyone in your entire enroller matrix 6 levels deep every month! matching compensation plan

Example: If you yourself bring in ten paid members who each earn $1,000 per month in their matrix, and between those 10, they enroll 40 people who each earn $500 per month in the matrix. And those 40 people between them enroll 100 members who each earn just $100 per month in their matrix. As a 3 Star ranked leader, you would match 30% on your personally enrolled members matrix checks, 15% on your second level members, and 10% on your third level members, putting an extra $7,000 per month for you, on TOP of the other commissions, and all you did was enroll ten people!  WOW!

You can ONLY become a 3 Star Elite by getting 500 people. Now, of course you don’t have to do that all by yourself. So if you enroll 10 people who each enroll 10 people who each enroll 4 people each, you will become a 3 Star Elite. This brings us back to the last part of the compensation plan:

5 – Coded Infinity Fast Start Overide

Once you atain the level of Three Star Elite, you will earn INFINITE LEVELS of Fast Start Overrides on the initial order of EVERYONE in your enroller matrix, down three Generations of Three Star Elite Leaders. compensation plan fast start coded infinity

For Example: If your enroller team grew by 1,500 people this month, you would get an additional $1,500 to $3,000 per week in ADDITIONAL commissions just for being qualified as a 3 Star Elite leader.

Pre-Enroll NOW For Free. Upgrade to enjoy the Compensation Plan

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