Travel Discounts

Travel Discounts

Whether you are joining this company for its massive travel discounts or are joing to make money (or of course both), you will be blown away by the wholesale prices you will get on so many things including (but not limited to) flights, cruises, hotels, vacations, car rental, cond / villa rental, dining and shopping.

Just one vaction could pay for your 3 star, 1 year membership. That is before you make any money. I’ll save that for another post. pro-travel-plus-earn money, travel discounts

Just think about the benefits of the travel discounts. Just as an example, I paid around £700 ($1103 – exchang rate today) for a round trip flight from London to Bangkok. When I looked at booking a flight there again towards the end of the year, it is showing the PTP price of £351. That works out at $553, so virtually half price. That flight alone covers 3 star annual membership with money to spare.

Pro Travel Plus is a truly international company and as I write is still in pre-launch although it is pretty much fully functional. PTP has opened in 170 countries so far and it is bound to be in all countries soon.

So where could you use your travel discounts? Where eould you like to go? The world is your oyster with Pro Travel Plus using the PTP travel discounts.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with the travel discounts is the Travel Rewards Dollars. You will get $500 in Travel Reward Dollars when you upgrade. They will also be announcing soon how you can get more travel reward $s soon. Let me give you another example using not hust the travel discount but the Travel Rewards Dollars. (Here’s a hint – it’s not just for travel). I looked at a pair of Oakley Sunglasses and they were $160. I could use $60 of my ‘Travel Reward Dollars’ to get a non travel discount of $60, making them $100. Now, that’s a big saving I’m sure you will agree.

Have a look at the map of the World and think about where you would go using Travel Discounts

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  1. Patricia Ellithorpe

    Hi Daniel, I was wondering, How do I get in touch with some one at the company? Thank You and God bless Pat


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