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Travel Savings as a ProTravelPlus Member

As a member of ProTravelPlus, you can make some HUGE savings on travel (and a whole lot more). Below is an example of a random deal for a luxury stay for two at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau in the Bahamas.


As you can see, the cost is $751 compared to the competitor’s price of $1484

ProTravelPlus advertise the fact they offer up to 45% savings on travel but back to the quote of the CEO, Seth Frazer “We always under promise and over deliver” and you can see the proof above where there are 48% travel savings to be had.

As far as flights go, I did a couple of experiments with flight prices. With ProTravelPlus, a round trip from Houston to New Orleans was $80. With, it was nearky double the price at $156. A round trip from LA to NY had travel savings of just over $30. I just picked those two flights straight out of my head, they were the first that came to mind. I used to fly from London to Bangkok a lot for work and would pay up to £700 ($1063) for a round trip. When I checked for me to go again towards the end of the year (high season in Asia), it was £351 ($533). That saving alone would pay for a 3 Star 1 tear membership with $130 change and that doesn’t even take in to account the $500 travel rewards voucher I would get, let alone the massive earnings I would have amounted by then !!!

So, whether you join ProTravelPlus to get great savings or just want to make some BIG money, surely the right thing to do is join PTP. The sooner you join, the sooner you will start to earn.

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